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About Us.

Local Goat Distillery will keep customers on their toes with a range of classic to experimental gin, vodka and whiskey. Like the diverse pallet of the goat, the folks at Local Goat keep an open mind to native goods. Granbury is a special place where Texas history lives and natural resources abound. Local Goat will be a legendary gathering place for the community, as well as a refreshing hangout for travelers. Come to us for the spirits.

Who we are.

Roger and Jessica Wall are equal partners in life, as well as business. They have an 11 month old son, Eli, who runs the show. When they met in the Air Force, Jessica was an Emergency Manager and Roger was in the Fuels Laboratory where he currently holds a supervisor position. After 14 years in the service, the couple intends to manage the distillery well into retirement.

What Makes Us Different

Our process inspires the socially spontaneous nature of Local Goat Distillery. Local Goat has partnered with nearby businesses such as Veldhuizen Cheese in Dublin and Bluffdale Vineyards. Roger will use the leftover whey from Veldhuizen as the base for Local Goat vodkas. As milk is a natural sugar, this works well for the distillery’s intentions. With Bluffdale Vineyards, Roger and Jessica have agreed to use the winery’s surplus to make a traditional grappa blend, much like brandy. Processes like these are only the beginning of Local Goat. They look forward to shooting recipes around for sorghum, pecan and even acorn whiskey. As well as using socially responsible practices, they invite local farmers and artisans to sell their wares in a location that is central and provides covered areas, as well as parking.