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Welcome to Local Goat

Like the diverse palate of the goat, the folks at Local Goat keep an open mind to native goods. Our socially responsible process involves using by-products in our exotic spirits. What might be considered waste to others is what shapes our sophisticated liquors.

We have partnered with Veldhuizen Cheese, just down the road, in Dublin. Their whey is the base for our vodka, acting as a natural sugar. Processes like these are only the beginning of Local Goat.



 Fri, Sat & Sunday: 4 pm – 10 pm


607 N Houston St
Granbury, Texas, TX 76048

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Food & Pairings

Pair your cocktail with something from Gary’s Kitchen

Guided Tours

Currently Unavailable, but will be back soon


Join us for special events throughout the year.
See what is coming up next.


Show support and look good at the same time. Order your Local Goat shirts and more at our online shop.

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607 N. Houston Street

Granbury, Texas 76048

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Fri, Sat & Sunday: 4 pm - 10 pm

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